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Split-Foyer Challenge Update

After years of exploring ideas for transforming our split-foyer style home without completely tearing it down or spending a fortune, we’ve finally settled on a design, with the assistance of our architect.  The goal was to incorporate some mid-century modern elements without trying to make the house “something other than what it is.”  Do we succeed?   The above photo shows the house as it is now.  I have attached some exterior concept drawings (in pdf format) of the planned remodel.  We pretty much settled on a painted cedar exterior and, yes, we plan to “go bold” and paint it black (see pdfs).  The plan involves a modest (12×4) bump out of the livingroom, a series of overhangs to create some depth to the facade and sides, new (and newly oriented) windows and large rear sliders, and a redo of the kitchen.  Due to budget concerns we have not yet addressed the small entry or lack of an entry closet, but we’ll just have to make do.  I will try to post more images as the project progresses.

FURTHER UPDATE:  I have since posted a number of progress posts detailing the project, and as of September 2012, the remodel is nearly complete, including the kitchen and installation of all windows.  We are in the process of arranging to have the house stained, adding some landscaping, and (if budget allows) some new furniture.  Please visit my “Recent Posts”.    Thanks for viewing, and feel free to post comments.

Dayton mod Dayton model#4_11-9-11 Dayton model #3_11-9-11 Dayton model #2_11-9-11 el_11-9-11

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