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New Year Resolved: Keep it Moving and Keep it Green

I enjoy the year-end holidays and “ringing-in-the-New Year” like everyone else.  Well, maybe a little less than everyone else, but that is another Post for another day.  These festivities often involve visits from family and friends, and always involve excited and happy children, good food, and hope for the new year.  But unfortunately visitors remind me of how small and unappealing our split-foyer (a/k/a split-entry, “hi-ranch”) house is, and why we launched our remodel in the first place (I’ll be reporting our progress on this blog, see e.g., Update).  We are finally very close to finalizing our remodeling plans, and recently made some major decisions pertaining to the kitchen.

First, we settled on Viola Park, a relatively new, innovative modular kitchen system created by its high-end parent, Henrybuilt.  Viola Park cabinetry is sold to the consumer directly from the manufacturer based in Seattle, no middlemen involved.   The style is modern, clean lines, combining the best of the European aesthetic and quality with American, Shaker-influenced simplicity.  The company is also “green,” which is important to us.  The company does have a showroom and sales people in Manhattan, New York City.  Most of the communications with the company and its excellent design staff will be “on-line,” but this is not a disadvantage in our case.  We look forward to being directly involved in the design process, reviewing sketches, and choosing a wide range of style options.  For those modernists out there, this is a very cool, relatively affordable product, created and backed by the very well-regarded  Henrybuilt company.  Please check out the links to these companies.  Right now we are leaning towards walnut veneer cabinetry, with a heat-resistant aluminum backsplash (see below).  We will probably go with black corian countertops, but are considering Viola Park’s “paperboard” counters, a green product.

Viola Park Plain Sawn Walnut

Second, we landed a very good deal on a 30″ Wolf commercial gas range.  The range is a display model sitting somewhere in a retail cabinetry shop, but is otherwise unused and carries a full warranty.  Appliance companies “loan” their products to these showrooms for limited periods, say one year, obviously for marketing purposes, and then replace them with newer models.  Apparently these cabinet shop showrooms are responsible for any damage (e.g., scratches and dents mainly — obviously no one is “cooking” or otherwise using the range in the showroom!), so they have an incentive to keep them looking good.  We saved about 15% off a “new” model — no small chunk of change for one of these babies.

Happy New Year to all!

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  1. July 13, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    Enjoying your blog. We are considering Viola Park. Have you installed yours? Any after thoughts you’d like to share?

    • July 13, 2012 at 8:54 pm

      Thanks Megan. Unfortunately our Viola Park (VP) kitchen installation is a bit delayed, so I don’t have much to share in that regard. The cabinets have been sitting in our living room for a few weeks now! I can tell you that the installation instructions seem very clear and that the items arrive VERY carefully packed. Additionally, VP assigns a representative to the project who is available to answer any installation questions from you and/or your contractor.

      As for the cabinetry, we went with American Black Walnut for most cabinets and white (Snobound, I think) doors on the outward looking part of the island. The quality of the casework appears high. We also chose the anodized aluminum backsplashes- they are very cool, and seem well constructed and easy to install. Finally, we went with the Corian (glacier white) countertops, which are shipped with the cabinetry. This is a modular system, the the components designed to work together and ease installation — but i’ll let you know! I’ll post images once we start the installation, which hopefully will be sometime late next week.

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